Gold VIP


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  • Receive 5 million in-game cash.
  • Receive 20,000 in-game XP.
  • Player spawns with 100 percent armour.
  • Access to more /toys & Special custom toys.
  • Access to more /vtoys
  • Extra furniture slots in houses.
  • Free Health & Armour refills.
  • Access to VIP Class & featured VIP Vehicles.
  • Pay Day VIP Bonuses.
  • Tax Benefits.
  • 1 Extra Vehicle Slot.
  • Get 5 Tokens, each token is valid for a vehicle.
  • Access to VIP special menu/commands.
  • VIP tag on Server, Forum & IRC
  • Get XP boost whenever you earn XP.
  • Free OR @LVCNR.XYZ Email Account

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